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Kgale Lake City Commercial district gives back to the landscape with buildings that embrace the breath-taking topography. The retail development largely enhances the exclusivity of Kgale Lake City, also providing versatility with retailers previously inactive in the Botswana market. The hotels and conference center provide the footfall necessary for the retail and dining experience. In addition, the buildings emerge and tower over the land with the majestic Kgale hill as a background feature. Anchoring the CBD is The Kgale Lake which as a feature brings to bring life the commercial district and a sense of serenity to the entire development. This gentle lake slices the buildings in half, breaking the site into cascading experiences. The experiences range from activities such as boat cruising to night walks, culminating into a more tranquil setting of the commercial district. The commercial node boasts of an array of restaurants, shopping complexes and green spaces where people can interact with each other.

The commercial district shall encompass:

  • Minimum 3 Luxury hotels
  • Conference and convention centre
  • High end retail shops providing high end fashion
  • fine dining
  • Theatres
  • Cinema
  • Bowling alleys and ice skating
  • Casinos
  • Water sports

It is the whole deal − dubbed the entertainment boulevard of Gaborone.