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Tourism, Sports & Recreational


The museum functions as a historic walk through the presidential regimes since Botswana has enjoyed her independence from the British protectorate. Primarily the platform presents an opportunity for tourists and visitors to enjoy the 360-degree view of the city at large.

The circular form and columns of the Presidential museum is derived from the traditional hut and the façade of it is proposed as a concept derived from the traditional basket weaving styles that are indigenous to Botswana. The proposal is to relocate the historical THREE CHIEFS [ Khama III, Sebele I & Bathoen I] – (who are the reason why Botswana got its independence) from the existing Gaborone CBD to the top of Kgale hill to give them prominence. Therefore, the THREE CHIEFS will be overlooking the City as an iconic landmark.

This will comprise of;

  • cable cart to the top of the hill
  • Recreation & Sporting Centres − e.g. bowling, aquatic centres, Tennis etc
  • Biking & walk trails & Hill (rock) Climbing
  • jogging and cycling corridor
  • hiking