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Pine Residence | Prototype 3


Pine residence is located on the south - Eastern side of the Kgale Lake City with great views to the hills and valley area to the south; great views of Gaborone dam to the east. These are ultra?luxurious houses; the buildings are designed to house a family. These executive houses consist of:

  • Maximum built area of 400 sq.m
  • Double garage, open plan that flows from living room to kitchen at the same time linking to a swimming pool. The swimming pool is designed such that families can relax.
  • A semi-detached house is a single?family dwelling house built as one of a pair that share one common wall. The volumes consist mainly of two elements: the ground floor, which is completely opened to the back and closed by walls at the front, and the upper floor which lay overhanging from the ground floor.
  • Semi?detached houses consist of a living room, dining room, kitchen, TV room and WC in the ground floor and study, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a dressing room in the first floor.

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