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Mirage Residence | Prototype 6


A golfer’s paradise, the property is shared by beautiful landscaping and contains&qout;bent grass lawn$quot;sculptured to look like a golf fairway for a Golf lover. Over the horizon, the unspoiled views of the lake. The house is a place to relax and unwind, maybe even isolate yourself from the world. The landscape scenery is to be perceived as the ideal place, almost in a romantic way. Therefore, the proposal is born from the pursuit of a place from which to admire the views, taking advantage of the natural inclination of the land. The house has a floor area of over 600 to 800 sq.m The living, dining and kitchen areas are spread out over a courtyard located in the center of the plan which are surrounded by large panels of glass, dissolves the limits by integrating them visually. The orientation of the house ensures a good illumination throughout the whole day. Inside, the living-dining room and kitchen function as a sheer centerpiece. Thanks to the transparent side panel that opens to a garden. The master bedroom is the piece that relishes in a unique orientation guaranteeing its indispensable privacy. The interior space extends beyond focusing the views towards a more private garden.


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